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Factors to Consider When Buying non Toxic Candles

When you want to improve the general atmosphere of your home you will choose scented candles for that.
Just like food allergies and skin allergies, there is a group of people that also suffer from fragrance allergies. There are conditions like asthma that are not friendly with strong fragrances. It is not the scent in the candles that will mainly affect them but the fragrance if it is strong enough. When you light the candle and feel light-headed and you have shortness of breath then the fragrance is too strong. Very strong fragrances may end up harming your lungs. If you have allergies contact your doctor before you get the scented candles. Candles that are non-toxic will have less effect on you if you have allergies. You will know how toxic the candles are if you take a good look at the ingredients used. Here are some tips for you when you go out to buy non-toxic candles.

A candle is made of wax that is the first thing you must look at when you are shopping for non-toxic candles. Candles can be made from three types of candles. Paraffin based candle wax is made from crude oils. These candles are not necessarily bad but they can compromise the air of your home. Candles can make symptoms of asthma be worse. Beeswax has been used to make candles for very many years. AS the name suggests beeswax is made from honeybees. For many years beeswax candles have been used to create ambiance by churches. Beeswax is the most natural and non-toxic candle wax that is in the market. Look at the list of ingredients to ensure the candles are one hundred percent beeswax. Another type of wax is soybean oil. The wax is made from a natural product means it is also natural. Soybeean wax candles will be cheaper than the beeswax for the soybean wax is cheaper. With soybean wax candles you get a variety of scents to choose from. For longevity, you should go for soy wax candles. Choose the right wax and you will love the results.

A factor that is also important is the wick. The cored wick is the most famous when it comes to wicks.
Most candle companies will not use this wick they will go for cotton or zinc wicks. Nothing is wrong with this other wicks it just depends on how the particulars are produced. The best wick that is also non-toxic is made of wood. Wood wicks will have a clean burn and a very pleasant sound when they burn.

Lastly consider the scents. You can go for unscented candles or choose the once that have a fragrance. Candles that use chemicals will be toxic.

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